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Gnomes and Blood Elves


A Gnome

The gnomes are a race of diminutive and highly intelligent humanoids, known for their mastery of technology. They were originally descended from mechagnomes, metallic Titan creations, who were affected by the Curse of Flesh.

The early gnomes eventually found their way to Khaz Modan, where they founded the capital of Gnomeregan and became allies with their nearby dwarven cousins. For years the gnomes were based in Gnomeregan, providing technological support to the Alliance during the Second War, until a trogg invasion and treachery from within irradiated Gnomeregan and killed as much as eighty percent of the gnomish population.

The gnomes were forced into exile in Tinker Town in the dwarven capital of Ironforge, until, following the Cataclysm, the gnomes launched a partially successful recapture of Gnomeregan, and are now based in New Tinkertown.1